Gharieni Spa, Beauty & Wellness

Highest quality, years of experience and the highest standards, provide an exceptional treatment experience for customers and therapists.

Spa tables

Gharieni treatment tables offer the highest level of comfort for the guests and characterize your spa with the highest standards of quality and innovation. The best addresses of the world’s Spa & Wellness industry rely on the quality made in Germany.

Treatment beds

For every therapist ergonomic work is extremely important to avoid muscle and joint pain. Treatment beds by Gharieni are technically perfect designed to allow a low-stress treatment.

Special treatment tables

In the section “special treatment tables”, we show you treatment tables for the more sophisticated requirements. Here you will find incomparable flexibility, perfectly adapted tables for signature treatments or our famous quartz bed.

Hydrospa Collection

Water as an element of relaxation is a supporting pillar in today’s world of spas. The Gharieni HydroSpa concept offers exceptional experiences from water choreographies or steam.

Gharieni massage table ellipse

Massage tables

Maximum functionality and design ensure the right massage equipment for your facilities. In addition to the comfortable surfaces, finest technology is used, to enable the therapist to achieve an ergonomically optimal treatment position.

Gharieni lounger RLX electric


Anatomically attractive models such as our Evo loungers or our water beds offer the optimum relaxation to the customer. Provide a stylish highlight in your spa with our comfortable Gharieni loungers.

Gharieni treatment unit rotary design

Treatment units and steamers

Our treatment units and steamers provide powerful performance with minimum working noise. We work with the highest standards of quality and functionality to turn your daily work tool into a reliable tool you don’t want to miss.

Gharieni K10 spa furniture


In this category we offer a wide range of furniture collections, trolleys, cabinets, chairs and stools. If you are looking for a new furnishing concept, we are happy to advise you with our 25 years of experience.