Gharieni massage tables

In designing massage tables, we not only focus on achieving ultimate comfort for the guest but also take into consideration the Ergonomic factor for therapists and practitioners .

Our goal is to achieve optimal comfort for both so that the treatment experience can be enjoyed.


Gharieni massage table RLL

The massage table with a double lifting column technology for fast and easy adjustment without any effort and a base of a solid steel construction for maximum stability. The RLL is available in various versions and can be adapted to the customers wishes.


Gharieni massage table MLK

The MLK is a puristic massage table for all treatments that need a little bit more pressure. The head section of the table has a face cradle and is adjustable by 30°. The height of the MLK is electrically adjustable. The table is popular with physio- or sporttherapists.


Gharieni massage table MLK ABS
  • electrical height adjustment
  • head section adjustable by 30° with pneumatic spring
  • lowerable armrests via pneumatic spring
  • international voltages available


  • with lowerable armrests
  • two-part lying surface
  • headrest and armrests adjustable with gas springs
  • two actuators for height adjustment and postural drainage position up to 28°
  • international voltages available


Gharieni massage table MLL

The MLL is similar to the MLK, but with different head sections. The head section of the table is longer and the body section is shorter than the MLK version. The head section of the MLL is more flexible (up to 75°). Both tables are available with Smart-Thermo heating system, optional foot switch and many different color options.


Gharieni Ayurveda Liege
  • with hydraulic or electro-hydraulic height adjustment
  • treated upholstery ideal for Ayurveda treatment methods
  • raised upholstery edge for use of larger quantities of oil
  • oil resistant PU cover
  • four part PU accessory set with special headrests with drain device, Ayurveda roll pillow, crescent shaped massage headrest and armrest
  • international voltages available


Gharieni Shiatsu Mat
  • made with durable foam filling
  • PU cover
  • foldable
  • in chocolate colour

Wide range of accessoires

In order to optimally adapt our selection to your needs, we offer a wide range of accessories, such as covers, gel cushions or additional storage areas.

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Wide color range

Our massage tables are available in many color options. Select the color for your upholstery or baset from our extensive color chart.

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Easy handling

Our massage tables have comfortable height adjustments to allow the therapist easier and more convenient controls with less physical effort. Optional foot or remote control  also available.

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