Special treatment tables

High-End Spa Equipment for exceptional experiences.


  • Gharieni FIR-technology
  • Optional PLT Device for Plasma- and Light therapy
  • Extendable infrared dome
  • Height-adjustable (only MLX iDome Electric)
  • Spacious drawer
  • Standard upholstery color: White (different colours for an additional charge)
  • Base in white or wenge, optional in other decors


Gharieni CELLISS is an innovative body contouring device that doesn’t even need a therapist to treat Cellulite and help to reduce weight. This completely unique slimming machine relies on the patented “Total Slimming System” (T.S.S.) technology, a non-invasive aspiration/percussion process that simultaneously treats thighs and hips as well as buttocks or abdominals (depending on the client’s position).

The TSS (Total Slimming system) is the DNA of the Gharieni Celliss. 96 nozzles – each one 3 cm (1.2 in) – take action on the adipose and muscular tissues of the buttocks, abdominals or hips with a series of noninvasive aspiration/percussion movements, whose intensity and speed can be adjusted. This unique process is controlled by the Celliss software.

  • Anti cellulite solution
  • Simultaneous action
  • Multizone Application
  • Personalized treatments
  • Operator independent
  • Non-invasive
  • Easy to use

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GHARIENI MLX for WellMassage5D

Based on eight special treatment steps the WellMassage5D takes full advantage of the complete range of flexibility of Gharieni `s high tech signature spa table MLX. The MLX provides singular and proprietary table mobility allowing numerous treatment options and preset positions that are expertly coordinated with the relevant modalities. The WellMassage5D combines High Tech & High Touch to engage the guest and enhance treatment efficacy. Additionally the therapist has ideal ergonomic conditions to make the work more pleasant and lessen the physical effort.


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GHARIENI MLX QUARTZ (round or square)

Our Psammo concept feature

Spa table MLX Quartz

Inspired by the ancient rituals of the Egyptians, the MLX quartz elevates the treatment room to an unparalleled experience for the guest. Warm sand quartz cocoons the body and replicates the benefits of a day spent at the beach. Quartz minerals impart wellness benefits and healing energy to the guest as well. Inversion gravity also enhances the benefits of treatment and lessens the impact on the therapist. A truly transformative experience that can be used both for body modalities or on its own as a complement to any service.

Gharieni MLX quartz treatment table is now available with the Dynamic flow system, to enhance and improve massage and body treatment for a truly unique and beneficial experience. Air chambers which are hidden in the spa table are pre programmed to inflate and deflate bringing the warm sand into a pleasant motion so guests can experience soothing back massages, activate lymphatic circulation, relax muscles and stimulate the whole body, even without a therapist present. The heatable sand warms the body while the smoothly moving sand is supporting the therapist‘s massage from below. A truly unique amd original relaxing experience for guest and therapist.


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The Gharieni MLW Amphibia by itself is already a real stand out due to the incredible features such as chromatherapy and ultimate waterbed comfort. When you add the Welnamis system, it truly becomes a memorable and unique treatment experience.
The Gharieni Welnamis treatment experience provides the key benefits of mindfulness, meditation and deep relaxation. Specially composed music applied through gentle acoustic waves with binaural sounds, works to release stress during either a 30 or 60 minute sound therapy treatment. Based on the Quantum Harmonic sound therapy, this treatment features precise and complex audio frequencies matched to the organs and energy centers (chakras) of the body. The treatment can be experienced via the Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones or integrated speakers in the head rest. Welnamis promotes intense body and muscle relaxation within a few minutes when used in combination with the highly efficient oscillation massage system integrated within the lying surface. Refreshing and revitalizing, this treatment is unique in its technology and approach.


The multifunctional treatment table.

Gharieni spa table MLX Limber

Do you have a favorite position for your spa table?

The MLX Limber offers you unlimited and perfect flexibility! Our new massage and wellness table enables treatment positions that are unique and exceptional in their variety for bed positioning without limitations!

Unbelievable flexibility

With the MLX-Limber series, Gharieni introduces the next generation of spa tables. Its amazing flexibility offers a variety of positions including sitting, half (??) or head-down (Trendelenburg) to meet all your treatment needs. Adaptability for standard massage treatment to more enhanced or specialized treatments, the “Limber Flex” offers an infinite number of adjustment options as well as a modified top position. Our exclusive patented, double sided, lowerable pair of armrests has never been seen before and allows for usability of the MLX Limber on both ends, which makes it a truly multifunctional spa table with unequalled flexibility and offers new dimensions of treatment options.


Sofa and treatment table combined.

Gharieni spa table MLW transform

Our newest design, the Gharieni MLW Transform is a sofa which transforms any living room or other area into a treatment room. It easily detaches and rolls from the frame and includes features such as electronic height adjustment, detachable cradle, power connection, rechargeable battery, and a heatable surface. Made with durable leather like upholstery, it can be customized with any fabric to customer specifications, including leather. Back sofa cushions are also detachable.


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