Binaural Vibroacoustic Technology
– Evidence-based Wellness –


Binaural Vibroacoustic Technology

– Evidence-based Wellness –

Welnamis is an acoustic and vibrational technology that trains the brain to relax and benefit from deep relaxation techniques. Using specific vibrations and binaural audio frequencies, Welnamis makes it possible for even the busiest minds to achieve deep levels of relaxation in one session. Similar to meditation, specific sounds slow down mental activity and vibrational frequencies act specifically on the energy centers of the body.

The foundational technology is the Quantum Harmonic audio treatment. It delivers symptom-reducing and resilience-building multilayered programs through stereo headphones. Welnamis can be combined with other spa and wellness treatments. For the pure Welnamis experience no therapist is required.


The benefits of the Gharieni Welnamis:

  • Supports wellness for the management of chronic stress
  • Deep relaxation for busy minds
  • Reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • Enhances mood
  • Improves conditions for sleep quality
  • Evidence based

MLW Amphibia Welnamis combines the gentle sound waves of a special music with a highly efficient vibration massage system integrated into the lying surface. While the special sounds slow down the mental activity, the vibrational massage acts specifically on the energy centers (chakras) of the body.


Convenient access at 54cm (21”) with 4 pre-programmed memory positions, the headrest can be tilted 30° downwards and upwards. Armrests can also be lowered for ideal guest comfort.


The comfortable and heatable water cushion of the MLW Amphibia Welnamis offers the ultimate comfort during the treatment. Further more, the water forms an incomparable carrier of the vibration frequencies.


The human brain is a remarkable organ, housing approximately 100 billion neurons that communicate through electrical signals. Despite their minuscule size, current science and technology have not yet advanced enough to detect individual neuron activity at such a detailed level. Nevertheless, existing technology enables scientists to observe overall patterns of brain activity, providing insights into how neurons within the brain fire at any given moment. This collective brain activity exhibits a rhythmic pulse, akin to the functioning of the heart. These pulses, known as brainwaves, occur at various speeds, indicative of different mental states.

For instance, during deep sleep, the brain pulses approximately three times per second, while during intense concentration, it may pulse up to 50 times per second. Different frequencies of brainwaves have been associated with distinct “states of mind.” Slower brainwaves evoke a sense of relaxation and introspection, whereas faster brainwaves can signify heightened concentration or stress.

All Welnamis Wellness programs have been thoughtfully crafted to stimulate various states, ranging from activation and relaxation to meditation and sleep.


Binaural sounds (with both ears) are a psychoacoustic phenomena that is perceived when two sounds with slightly different frequencies are applied separately to each ear. The brain automatically generates a third frequency, which results from the difference between the two original carrier frequencies. With the help of these frequencies it is now possible to specifically influence the different frequency ranges in the brain, as the neurons automatically try to adapt to the external frequency. These sound frequencies, when precisely delivered, create synchronizations between the left and the right hemispheres of the brain. This process is called brainwave entrainment. These binaural sounds are embedded in relaxing, specially composed music and work in a frequency range that is not perceptible to the human ear.

The second important feature of the Welnamis experience is the technology of pure synchronized sinewaves that are delivered through tactile transducers embedded in the surface of the spa table. Perceived as gentle vibrations which affect the energy centers of your body, this sinewave frequencies multiply and accelerate the brainwave entrainment process.

Welnamis offers a complete experience of impulses from audio and vibrational frequencies to calm the body and mind and bring both into a relaxed state.



MLW Amphibia Welnamis Advance

                                        The programs are designed and curated for different outcomes, and they range  from 22 to 30 minutes in duration.

Welnamis Classic

The Classic programs are the basic programs for different applications and are available in different lengths of 30 or 60 minutes.

The spa table

Gharieni MLW Amphibia NEO

Color ambiance

Colors and their effects

Turn your treatment room into an atmospheric place to relax. Just as music or vibration have an influence on our body and mind, visual influences like colors also have a great effect on our mind.

The LED lighting installed in the base of the spa table sets colored accents during the treatment:

Revitalizes, activates blood circulation, energizes, promotes vitality and creativity.

Enhances moods, positive thinking, and desire for physical and mental exploration.

Harmony and regenerative, hopeful, soothes, creates balance within the rhythm of life.

Celestial and peaceful, cooling, calming, quieting, and cleansing.

Relaxes and renews, awakens meditative time, place and being, spiritual aspects.