Gharieni Group produces Face masks with exchangeable Nanofilter

Due to the current demand for face masks caused by the corona epidemic, Gharieni has changed the production of its textile department and now offers face masks with exchangeable nanofilters.

  • Filter efficiency >80% to 93%.*
  • The mask is washable at 60°
  • The filter is exchangeable (not washable)
  • For a better fit, the masks are available in men’s and women’s versions.

Structure of the material:

  • PP Spunbond/Meltblown 37g/m2
  • Nanofibers layer of polymer PVDF
  • PP Spunbond 20g/m2

*The masks are not suitable for intensive care areas, wearing the mask does not provide 100% protection against viruses. However, it reduces the spread of droplet infections to others.

Link to Shop:
Mask for women:

Mask for men:

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